Managing customer satisfaction is the responsibility of everyone in the company !

Decide, act : each user profile has a customized view, which offers both operational and strategic capabilities for running Customer Experience programs

Driving a business means defining objectives and the means that will allow the business to achieve these objectives. In recent years, the numbers concerning the customer experience – good or bad – are multiplying on the web. For example, “89% of consumers have already boycotted a company after experiencing a customer service disruption” (RightNow, Customer Experience Impact Report), or “64% of consumers change their brand as a result of poor service. A factor greater than the price in 57% of the cases, which represents on average €4000 loss per customer (Accenture).

What to do following the collection of Customer Feedback ?

If there is a parameter to be taken into account in the management of a company, it is indeed the monitoring of the customer satisfaction. But once you have gathered the feedback from your clients, who, from the advisor to the manager, is responsible to act on this ? With what data ? What alerts ? What benefits in the daily life and reality of each ?

All profiles in the company are focused on the same overall objective, but not all of them have the same needs in the how they meet these objectives. A counselor must be able to act immediately on a manifest or induced dissatisfaction. A manager must continually evolve the quality of the speeches, processes, and collaborators and encourage a greater level of commitment of his teams in each of the actions, with a rapid and easy skill rise of each. As for the manager, they must have, in real time, a level of absolute clarity on the evolution of management indicators based on the customer experience and measurement of the improvements on the decisions taken, which requires to enter into a level of extended data ; with access to real-time customer experience management capabilities. A panoramic view of the activity, in tune with the needs and stakes of each profile, is therefore indispensable.

Customized control panels

Instant eXperience ® offers each user profile a customized control panel, displaying the analysis of customer data and their evolution in real time. It is the very first direct-access screen, which takes a different shape by profile, thus meeting the specific needs of each. When choosing your solution, make sure that the proposed dashboard is :

Relevant : configured optimally to provide relevant indicators. The selection of data (date, trip, questionnaire …), filtering (feedback, answers), presentation (simple figure, graphic, table) are essential elements to take into account.

Flexible : production of the desired KPIs from the data collected and enriched, simplicity (drag & drop) of the data modeling widgets. Features made extremely simple, to the benefit of a great autonomy of use for any profile.

Customizable : Admittedly, we are administrator of the solution or we are not. However, even a single user, without extensive access, can organize his own view of his Dashboard and take ownership of it.

                                                                                     Instant eXperience®

Your stake is not the development of the best solution for managing the customer experience, it is up to us to bring it to you. That’s why we recommend that you avoid all-inclusive solutions, with dashboards, or providers who propose to make changes remotely, by publishers or integrators. The latter solution may seem like a good idea at first, but it quickly turns out to be a headache from the moment you need to multiply the number of users, where the project has to be deployed at a global level in the business, where you need to create new questionnaires etc …

Real-time data : the instantaneousness of the data returned in the dashboard is essential, both in the customer’s perception to be listened to, but also for the motivation of the employees, impact of their changes in real time, and modify some indicators if needed.

Ease of Deployment : Successful customer experience programs are not limited to one department but are distributed throughout the organization. Thus, the solution you choose will have to be easy to deploy and adopt by all. Similarly, when one ¼ of employees have a business mobile and another ¼ uses their own mobile for business use (Source Eurostat 2016), mobile access to a dashboard is a necessity, and will soon be a must.

Easy to read : dashboards must be accessible, especially to employees whose customer relationship is not the trade, or the only activity. Your choice should also take into account the data that may be useful to other collaborators or even other departments. In order to get the membership, your dashboard must be attractive, and the essential key data and figures must jump to the eye.

Different levels of access : If the dashboard is used by all employees within your company, each user must have specific permissions. For example, an operational user will use dashboards dedicated to KPIs in its scope. He will be able to observe C-sat (customer satisfaction score) scores based on his interactions with clients, explain and process actions, and then make updates on progress.

A manager, or department head, will look at the client path, to view the KPIs based on other parameters. An administrator, for his part, will want to have an overview of activities such as the number of investigations processed accurately, response rates, or even a view by division and campaign.

Finally, the solution must provide management of data access rights. A user must be able to view the information relevant to him, not the global data.

The most widely used solution in the market

Instant eXperience ® is the most widely used market solution, accounting for the largest number of users in large companies (Gartner, January 2017). The user experience is for MediaTech what the customer experience is for you, OUR PRIORITY!

If 100% of the winners of the lottery have all tried their luck, like 100% of the companies, whose success is perennial, benefit both from a powerful feedback management solution, but especially from providers who quickly understood the the need to constantly improve the dashboards of their customers, the key to optimal driving. Success is at this price.

Want to know more about Instant eXperience ®? Contact us and we will be happy to define with you the match between our services and your needs.

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