Inferred and predictive feedback, artificial intelligence … Make your silent customers talk!

Getting to know customers who do not express themselves: mission impossible? Not if you use the right tools! Welcome to the world of predictions and inferences. All brands dream of having the gift of clairvoyance so that they can know what is really going on in the minds of their customers. What if the dream comes [...]

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6 beneficial effects of Customer Feedback Management on your organization

You thought that feedback management software only serves to manage your customer relationships?  It can do much more!  In addition to helping you understand more clearly what your customers, prospects and partners feel about you and their experience, this tool can also boost your internal organization. Here are 6 benefits that you might not be aware [...]

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MediaTech Solutions cited by Independent Research Firm in their Voice Of The Customer Vendor Report.

Mediatech Solutions has been cited in Forrester Research’s Now Tech: Voice Of The Customer (VoC) Vendors, Q4 2018. We believe our inclusion was the result of our proven capabilities to help large organizations increase their competitiveness by empowering people to effectively enhance their customer experience. According to the report, CX pros use voice of the customer [...]

Customer feedback: a personalised access based on usage and user profile

Confidentiality, readability... How to give users the correct level of access to data from Customer Feedback? Following the gathering of customer inputs, the data is available in your Feedback Management solution*. Who should act on this data? Who should have access to it? Indeed, some information may be confidential, or simply irrelevant for certain employee [...]

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Customer insights, a powerful source of improvement

Dealing with the opinions and comments of your customers, prospects, partners or even critics is not always easy ... Yet this is the best avenue for improvement and inspiration that you can find, for the unfulfilled expectations of today's customers represent as many strong points for you tomorrow! It is a view shared by company [...]

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Fed up with satisfaction surveys?

Hervé Cebula, CEO and Founder of MediaTech Solutions, addresses in his article on a new vision of Client Feedback Management by corporations. Less, but better. You can read it (in French) by clicking here. You can read the translated article below. "To understand Client percetion in real time is essential. But to over-solicitate clients [...]

By | 2018-08-13T14:55:53+00:00 06, 2018|Feedback Management, News, Unclassified|

Customer feedback: to be solicited intelligently!

Collecting and making use of opinions - positive or negative - to unify and centralise the voice of the customer has become a pressing need for companies, in 2018 more than ever. However, there is a fine border between soliciting and bothering ... All the more so because customer insights originate from multiple channels and [...]

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Infographics : Analysis of the evolution of the Retail Trade over the last 5 years

  Since 2013, the largest investments in the retail business sector have been associated with the management of the customer experience. Experts in the field believe that the more we understand the perceptions and interactions of our customers concerning our company, the more the customer loyalty strategy can be "personalized", representing a significant asset in the [...]

By | 2017-10-13T14:59:58+00:00 10, 2017|Feedback Management|

Customer Relations in the era of Artificial Intelligence

In June 2017, the cover of Relation Client magazine featured "The year of artificial intelligence". As reported by the magazine article in question, "artificial intelligence, or augmented intelligence, made its entry into the domain of the customer experience in 2017. Combined with pertinent data, AI opens up perspectives for customizing customer relationships and anticipating consumer behavior". [...]

By | 2017-09-04T16:06:13+00:00 09, 2017|Feedback Management|

Infographics – Customer experience, Transports & Hospitality

According to a study by Clipperton, uberization (also known as “collaborative economics”), has primarily affected the transport and hotel markets, as well as home services and freelance activities. Consumers' behavior regarding the services offered by these sectors is constantly evolving under the pressure of several combined trends such as the personalization of services, the diversification of [...]

By | 2017-08-29T15:31:30+00:00 08, 2017|Feedback Management|

From the customer Relationship to the customer Experience

To improve the customer Experience, it is necessary to set up a customer Relationship strategy. But how to position the customer at the heart of the company's strategy, to focus on the key moments of his experience, to leverage his demands, and identify the best employees to drive such a project ? Here are some keys [...]

By | 2017-08-07T16:07:54+00:00 08, 2017|Feedback Management|

The role of emotion in the customer experience

Summary of what you will discover: The consumer is an irrational being, guided by his emotions as much as by his reason, even for purchasing decisions. In order to speak to their customers’ emotions, companies who understand this factor strive to offer them pleasant and memorable experiences and use different levers to do so. The issue [...]

By | 2017-06-15T18:28:31+00:00 06, 2017|Feedback Management|

The CES, an indicator dedicated to least effort

The birth of the Customer Effort Score During the act of purchasing or using a product or service, delivering satisfaction is not the only criterion to be used when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction. The effort to obtain the product or service is also highly important in this respect. For years, brands that wish to [...]

By | 2017-08-02T10:42:20+00:00 05, 2017|Feedback Management|

How to define, implement and exploit the Net Promoter Score (NPS) ?

Loyal or disloyal ? The NPS will tell you : The NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is an indicator that measures customer loyalty. Created in 2003 by Fred Reichheld, consultant at Bain & Company, it is based on an assessment of the customer’s likelihood to recommend, usually accompanied by a question such as "Which elements motivated [...]

By | 2017-06-01T09:55:08+00:00 05, 2017|Feedback Management|

The CSAT : more than an indicator, a corporate strategy

A Score for measuring customer satisfaction In the field of Customer Relationships, the CSAT is an acronym for the Customer SATisfaction score, which measures the satisfaction of a customer following an interaction with a company. But more than an indicator, the measurement of customer satisfaction is above all a corporate strategy, implemented nowadays by most major [...]

By | 2017-08-28T15:14:22+00:00 04, 2017|Feedback Management|

Employee commitment to customer satisfaction

Listening, understanding and interacting with the customer Difficult and demanding customers, proliferating channels and points of contact, an expanding offering, more complex purchasing paths... And yet, if the company places the customer at the heart of its attention, that’s to say if it gives itself the means to get to know him, to understand and interact [...]

By | 2017-03-23T14:48:04+00:00 03, 2017|Feedback Management|

Customer Experience and Employer Experience : an indivisible tandem

The culture of the "customer centric" at the origin of Workforce Management In 2010, MediaTech offered a platform only for sending messages (SMS, MMS, voice messages, emails)  to its call center clients. One client asked us to change the platform so that we could send questions, in addition to the messages, to their customers. The goal [...]

By | 2017-03-23T14:43:41+00:00 03, 2017|Feedback Management|

Managing customer satisfaction is the responsibility of everyone in the company !

Decide, act : each user profile has a customized view, which offers both operational and strategic capabilities for running Customer Experience programs Driving a business means defining objectives and the means that will allow the business to achieve these objectives. In recent years, the numbers concerning the customer experience - good or bad - are multiplying [...]

By | 2017-03-23T14:43:55+00:00 02, 2017|Feedback Management|

How to increase customer engagement after first sale

Increase customer engagement You’ve made your pitch. The customer sees the value in your product or service and makes a purchase. Congratulations are in order, revenues are trending upward…but what’s next? To nurture and increase customer engagement after the first sale is the starting point of building customer loyalty. The service you provide [...]

By | 2017-06-01T10:09:30+00:00 01, 2017|Feedback Management|

The Future of Customer-Centric Sales

Technology has restored customers back to their throne, giving them not just unrestricted access to information when and how they want, but full control of their buying journey. With such an educated and empowered customer companies have to adjust their sales approach to not only match the customer’s expectations but to create the ultimate customer experience [...]

By | 2017-06-01T10:09:57+00:00 12, 2016|Feedback Management|

Black Friday … a black day for contact centers!

Black Friday has become a retailers goldmine, with shoppers expected to spend an average £2b in stores and online across the UK. But with this surge in traffic comes the surge in call to contact centers. The activity of contact centers is in full swing on periodic events like this, both on incoming and outgoing calls. [...]

By | 2017-03-23T14:44:48+00:00 11, 2016|Feedback Management|

The use of Customer Feedback: The Feedback Management ROI approach

Interview with Thierry Aubert, COO of MediaTech Solutions, Publisher of Instant eXperience, the Feedback Management solution. Capturing Customer Feedback is not sufficient to create value, your solution needs to go further in its initial approach to truly catch the essence of the customer’s perception in real time. When your solution can achieve this you effectively improve [...]

By | 2017-06-01T10:14:37+00:00 11, 2016|Feedback Management|

Feedback Management – In search of lost ROI

Measuring, capturing, and monitoring feedback analysis, are steps that companies have mastered and learnt to control. But what transpires at the operational level to support these steps? How do they take advantage of the valuable information obtained from customers? Knowing what your customers or employees think is only the beginning. Companies that will implement projects [...]

By | 2017-09-25T14:11:59+00:00 11, 2016|Feedback Management|

KPIs & Customer Experience: killing the measure with too many indicators

The choice of indicators has to be made in alignment with company’s objectives. Nonetheless, companies involved in Customer Experience improvement programs have to pay close attention to the indicators selection. Having said this, there are three fundamental questions: how many indicators to follow? Which ones? Which dashboard to build? There are a wide range of Customer [...]

By | 2017-07-04T16:35:31+00:00 07, 2016|Feedback Management|

100 Customer Service statistics you need to know

The following statistics about customer service are once again showing the importance for organizations to manage Customer Experience. Customer Feedback Management solutions such as Instant eXperience powered by MediaTech Solutions allows companies to effectively manage Customer Experience. Organizations are able to maximize customer value and satisfaction, manage their resources and optimize processes by implementing and industrializing a real-time [...]

By | 2017-08-02T11:41:35+00:00 06, 2016|Feedback Management|

Contact centres must provide both an individual and omni-channel customer experience

Nicholas Ashford of call telephone answering specialists MessageBase ( explains why contact centres must adopt an omni-channel approach to customer experience now to respond to shifts consumer behaviour. The game is changing, time for new rules Align the CX of each channel to its customers’ expectations Develop the right people, process and tools Ready for take [...]

By | 2017-06-01T10:19:34+00:00 02, 2016|Feedback Management|

The difficulty of comparing customer feedback at an international level

One of the main distinctive features of Key Accounts is that they are usually global companies. Taking this into account, headquarters necessarily make some benchmarks upon several issues between subsidiaries from different countries. Customer feedback do not escape from this international comparisons to which CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS are often associated as the main references. [...]

By | 2017-07-05T11:19:01+00:00 02, 2016|Feedback Management|

Why simplicity may be the secret to brand success ?

Talking about disruptive brands these days, no matter their function or the category they're disrupting, they possess a common characteristic: SIMPLICITY. Simplicity is precisely one of the the key characteristics of Instant eXperience , MediaTech Solutions Feedback & Engagement Management solution. "We live in an era of boundless choices, rapid innovation, and all-important peer recommendations. The dizzying [...]

By | 2017-06-01T10:38:16+00:00 03, 2015|Feedback Management|

Contact centres must provide both an individual and omni-channel customer experience

Nicholas Ashford of call telephone answering specialists MessageBase ( explains why contact centres must adopt an omni-channel approach to customer experience now to respond to shifts consumer behaviour. The game is changing, time for new rules Align the CX of each channel to its customers’ expectations Develop the right people, process and tools Ready for take [...]

By | 2017-05-10T17:21:30+00:00 03, 2015|Feedback Management|

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

By | 2017-06-01T10:34:54+00:00 06, 2014|Feedback Management|
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