6 beneficial effects of Customer Feedback Management on your organization

You thought that feedback management software only serves to manage your customer relationships?  It can do much more!  In addition to helping you understand more clearly what your customers, prospects and partners feel about you and their experience, this tool can also boost your internal organization.

Here are 6 benefits that you might not be aware of…

  1. Incentives

The installation of a software platform to manage customer feedback provides a number of indicators concerning customer satisfaction, but also concerning the performance of customer advisors. Companies can make use of several KPI’s – NPS, CSAT and CES – to incentivize (read “reward”) their employees. In this way, these indicators can be used to influence the calculation criteria for variable individual or team remuneration.

  1. Fair management

Feedback Management offers the opportunity to make use of tangible criteria and results with regard to customer satisfaction, resulting in flatter organizations (especially when they are international). This also brings more objectivity to management since the manager is no longer the sole judge of his employees’ work.  It is the customer, by becoming central to the organization, who in spite of himself becomes a mediator of internal managerial relations. The manager changes position, transitioning from pure management and control towards coaching. 

  1. Empowerment and valorisation

As in other domains, the application of digitalization and automation to customer relationships offers increased employee empowerment, allowing staff to refocus their work on more strategic aspects. Moreover, we have observed that the digitalization of customer relations services enables 26% of the tasks to be reassigned towards value-added missions. [CSO Insight]

  1. Autonomy

By having access to information and customer feedback in real time and without a filter, employees can adapt their actions by themselves, prioritize their work and organize their working day more efficiently.  They know the directives of their hierarchy and they follow them, yet even so they gain in involvement and creativity, to the benefit of customer satisfaction. Moreover, receiving information in real-time makes the advisers more responsive!

  1. Identifying technical issues

The advantage of Feedback Management is also to streamline the flow of information within the company. The employees, by being as close as possible to customer feedback, can instantly detect a failure, a fault or any other external technical problem, which although it may not be their responsibility can be forwarded to their operational teams.

  1.  Sharing results and best practices

Feedback Management platforms are intended to be open and encourage transparency. Thus, they are ideally placed to contribute to the sharing of best practices and allow each team to position themselves in relation to others, and more generally, for employees as well as managers to better identify winning practices.

Here are 2 examples of user cases for which the Feedback Management program provided a better understanding of the customer. The companies involved were not simply satisfied to just improve their products and services; they were also able to increase the commitment of their employees and broaden their commercial strategy by boosting their procurement program.

Incentives and prioritization: the case of Allianz

The insurance company installed the Instant eXperience® solution in 2017 to help all employees in their respective roles. Each satisfaction score of less than 6 generates an alert for the adviser concerned, so that he and his supervisor can work on areas for improvement.

Every morning, the customer advisors begin their day by opening Instant eXperience, immediately displaying the dashboard which allows them to prioritize their customer actions.

Also, to reinforce the advisors’ affinity with the tool, each team sets up plans to get them involved. Calmypso, an entity within the Allianz group, has introduced a “top advisor trophy”. On a monthly basis this light-hearted program rewards the advisor who has obtained the highest NPS rating or has received the most complimentary, friendly or differentiating customer verbatim.

Engie Home Services focuses on exemplarity

For the managers of Engie Home Services, as for any company, staying in contact with the field is essential but not always easy to fit into a busy schedule. In this respect, Instant eXperience® has been of great help to them. Thanks to this tool, agency managers are able to contact detractors (dissatisfied customers) as soon as a highly negative feedback is received.

As a result of its success, this practice has spread throughout the entire network. Not only has it led to a significant reduction in the number of contract terminations, but it has also convinced employees and managers about the importance of being in contact with the field. It both demonstrates exemplarity to the teams and shows consideration to customers. A doubly-winning strategy!

+ 30% increase in employee commitment recorded at companies using Instant eXperience®


Source : Mediatech Solutions

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