How to Improve Customer Experience Through Data Collection

Interview with Hervé Cebula

In a time where Customer Experience plays a more active role in a company’s strategy it is critical to understand the importance of data collection and its usefulness to improve the customer’s experience.

For some, they associate and often refer to Big data as an opportunity to speak in exhibitions and conferences … and stop there. A clear dividing line therefore separates those who will not listen, those who listen but do not hear or do nothing and finally those who act.

Hervé Cebula, CEO of MediaTech Solutions and its feedback management solution, Instant eXperience, shares his insights on what defines MediaTech’s Customer Experience.

Everyone talks about customer experience, using it in their advertising campaigns, as we receive more and more questionnaires, in different forms; but what do these companies measure? What do they do with these data?

Hervé Cebula: If we receive many surveys of feedback, it is primarily because there are different types. These can be “journey” surveys or “moment” surveys, which are different in their structure and in their objectives. Secondly, because companies use different software along the client’s route, with many of these software boasting of having a client survey module, this creates congestion … And to add to this, depending on their maturity in relation to the subject of feedback, companies make more or less good use of the data collected. We have created a matrix of maturity that synthesizes all this: we observe, through various parameters, in particular the objectives pursued, the moments or paths, the type of feedback to be collected, what action can be derived from it and finally as return on investment.

What do you mean ?

HC: What we offer and say to our clients is that the experience and satisfaction of their customers is vital. Measuring this is therefore a good start and essential, like a health check-up: if you do not analyze the results or look at the ratios, it’s useless. You will not be able to provide the right solution if the analysis is not thorough. With feedback it’s the same thing, enriching the data is the key to the analysis.

I bought a car recently and between the satisfaction survey, commissioned by the brand’s HQ in France, and one by the European marketing department, I had to be “probed” three times ..

HC: this is precisely what should be avoided. Listen to relevant, accurate data by the appropriate means and then seize it. What we put in place for our clients is precisely this: starting with the collection of data, sending to those who have to use it (almost in real time) and the accompaniment then for the company to transform the end result into action. This data must filter, throughout the organisation, so everyone is involved in its transformation.

To collect data on the customer experience is good, maybe even fashionable”…. to use it is even better. It’s wise for any company that wants to stay on top or get there !

Source: En-Contact Magazine Issue 93

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