Managing customer satisfaction is the responsibility of everyone in the company !

Decide, act : each user profile has a customized view, which offers both operational and strategic capabilities for running Customer Experience programs Driving a business means defining objectives and the means that will allow the business to achieve these objectives. In recent years, the numbers concerning the customer experience - good or bad - are multiplying [...]

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How to increase customer engagement after first sale

Increase customer engagement You’ve made your pitch. The customer sees the value in your product or service and makes a purchase. Congratulations are in order, revenues are trending upward…but what’s next? To nurture and increase customer engagement after the first sale is the starting point of building customer loyalty. The service you provide after [...]

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MediaTech Solutions’ new website is online

MediaTech Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its new website, designed with a fresh look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our successes, solution, services and teams!   Additionally, we offer you, from our Services page, to meet our customers or client success managers to share your experience and ask [...]

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The Future of Customer-Centric Sales

Technology has restored customers back to their throne, giving them not just unrestricted access to information when and how they want, but full control of their buying journey. With such an educated and empowered customer companies have to adjust their sales approach to not only match the customer’s expectations but to create the ultimate customer experience [...]

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MediaTech Solutions continues to achieve strong growth

Following the opening of its Spanish subsidiary in Barcelona at the end of 2015 and its English subsidiary in London in August, MediaTech Solutions announces excellent results at the end of September 2016 and confirmed its ambition to become the European leader Of Feedback Management, a segment of the Customer Experience market. Growth in the third [...]

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MediaTech Solutions, the French Feedback Management solution leader, has raised €2.5 M finance to expand their international development

Montrouge, September 1st 2015 – Since 2011, MediaTech Solutions has succeeded in becoming the French leader in the Feedback and Engagement Management market. More than 30 large French and International companies (such as La Poste, Allianz, AXA Global Direct, Engie-Savelys, Metlife, FlyingBlue) are using their Instant Survey solution. Instant Survey is delighting not only top-managers but [...]

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100 Customer Service statistics you need to know

The following statistics about customer service are once again showing the importance for organizations to manage Customer Experience. Customer Feedback Management solutions such as Instant Survey powered by MediaTech Solutions allows companies to effectively manage Customer Experience. Organizations are able to maximize customer value and satisfaction, manage their resources and optimize processes by implementing and industrializing [...]

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MediaTech Solutions continues its conquest by entering the UK market

After opening the Spanish offices at the end of 2015 in Barcelona, MediaTech is pleased to announce its arrival in the UK market. The main offices will be located in the heart of London. Entering this new market confirms once again MediaTech’s desire to become a major player in the European Feedback Management industry. “As we [...]

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Why simplicity may be the secret to brand success ?

Talking about disruptive brands these days, no matter their function or the category they're disrupting, they possess a common characteristic: SIMPLICITY. Simplicity is precisely one of the the key characteristics of Instant Survey , MediaTech Solutions Feedback & Engagement Management solution. "We live in an era of boundless choices, rapid innovation, and all-important peer recommendations. The [...]

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Contact centres must provide both an individual and omni-channel customer experience

Nicholas Ashford of call telephone answering specialists MessageBase ( explains why contact centres must adopt an omni-channel approach to customer experience now to respond to shifts consumer behaviour. The game is changing, time for new rules Align the CX of each channel to its customers’ expectations Develop the right people, process and tools Ready for take [...]

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5 Customer Service Trends and Predictions for 2015

As 2014 ends, it’s time to examine what the year has brought to the customer service industry and what customer service trends and predictions are for 2015. We have reached out to thought leaders, read about current trends and have come up with our fearless forecast for 2015: 1. Customers will expect more 2. Mobile experience [...]

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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