The use of Customer Feedback: The Feedback Management ROI approach

Interview with Thierry Aubert, COO of MediaTech Solutions, Publisher of Instant eXperience, the Feedback Management solution. Capturing Customer Feedback is not sufficient to create value, your solution needs to go further in its initial approach to truly catch the essence of the customer’s perception in real time. When your solution can achieve this you effectively improve [...]

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Feedback Management – In search of lost ROI

Measuring, capturing, and monitoring feedback analysis, are steps that companies have mastered and learnt to control. But what transpires at the operational level to support these steps? How do they take advantage of the valuable information obtained from customers? Knowing what your customers or employees think is only the beginning. Companies that will implement projects using [...]

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KPIs & Customer Experience: killing the measure with too many indicators

The choice of indicators has to be made in alignment with company’s objectives. Nonetheless, companies involved in Customer Experience improvement programs have to pay close attention to the indicators selection. Having said this, there are three fundamental questions: how many indicators to follow? Which ones? Which dashboard to build? There are a wide range of Customer [...]

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Contact centres must provide both an individual and omni-channel customer experience

Nicholas Ashford of call telephone answering specialists MessageBase ( explains why contact centres must adopt an omni-channel approach to customer experience now to respond to shifts consumer behaviour. The game is changing, time for new rules Align the CX of each channel to its customers’ expectations Develop the right people, process and tools Ready for take [...]

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The difficulty of comparing customer feedback at an international level

One of the main distinctive features of Key Accounts is that they are usually global companies. Taking this into account, headquarters necessarily make some benchmarks upon several issues between subsidiaries from different countries. Customer feedback do not escape from this international comparisons to which CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS are often associated as the main references. [...]

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Implementing a Voice of Customer Programme to Match Your Business Objectives

Last week we attended the Customer Engagement Summit. At our Round Table sessions we discussed “Implementing a Voice of Customer Programme to Match Your Business Objectives”. We would like to share the main points from the Round Table discussions on “Implementing a Voice of Customer Programme to match Business Objectives” with some insights on how to address [...]

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Customer Engagement Summit – Technology the Great Enabler

Last Tuesday we attended The Customer Engagement Summit, our first sponsored event in the UK. It was an amazing opportunity for us to collaborate, share and discuss successes, best practice, wins and even failures amongst peers over key topics: VoC programs; innovative and disruptive strategies; the Customer Experience and The Future of the Contact Centre. The [...]

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Instant Survey Presentation

Maximize business impact through customer feedback driven operations ! Watch Instant Survey presentation ! Instant Survey Presentation from Mediatech Solutions on Vimeo. For more information, MediaTech Teams are at your disposal => Contact us !

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