The difficulty of comparing customer feedback at an international level

By | 02, 2016|Categories: Feedback Management|

One of the main distinctive features of Key Accounts is that they are usually global companies. Taking this into account, headquarters necessarily make some benchmarks upon several issues between subsidiaries from different countries. Customer feedback [...]

Contact centres must provide both an individual and omni-channel customer experience

By | 03, 2015|Categories: Feedback Management|

Nicholas Ashford of call telephone answering specialists MessageBase (www.messagebase.com) explains why contact centres must adopt an omni-channel approach to customer experience now to respond to shifts consumer behaviour. The game is changing, time for new [...]

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms European Summit

By | 09, 2014|Categories: Events|

MediaTech Solutions sponsoring the CEM in Telecoms-European Summit in Vienna, Autria, 22-24 September 2014. Two days conferences with Telecoms and Customer Experience Management experts. Thierry Aubert, Managing Director and Vice President Technology and Operations of MediaTech [...]

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