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MediaTech Solutions included as one of 21 vendors in Gartner’s October 2017 Market Guide for Voice-of-Customer Solutions

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MediaTech Solutions, provider of the leading feedback management software Instant eXperience®, today announced that it has been cited by Gartner in the October 2017 Market Guide for Voice-of-the-Customer report. We believe our presence in [...]

Infographics : Analysis of the evolution of the Retail Trade over the last 5 years

By | 10, 2017|Categories: Feedback Management|

  Since 2013, the largest investments in the retail business sector have been associated with the management of the customer experience. Experts in the field believe that the more we understand the perceptions and interactions [...]

The British retail market and its customer experience strategy : areas of improvement for a promising future !

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A team from MediaTech Solutions recently took part in a major event in Great Britain, 100% devoted to the Retail sector. We had the privilege of meeting the leaders of customer experience development. Pure-players and [...]

More customers, more countries, more features at MediaTech Solutions this summer !

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The summer was a particularly active and fruitful for the MediaTech Solutions teams ! To begin with, the company gained new clients: Crédit Foncier de France, a subsidiary of BPCE specialized in mortgage lending, [...]

Customer Relations in the era of Artificial Intelligence

By | 09, 2017|Categories: Feedback Management|

In June 2017, the cover of Relation Client magazine featured "The year of artificial intelligence". As reported by the magazine article in question, "artificial intelligence, or augmented intelligence, made its entry into the domain of [...]

Infographics – Customer experience, Transports & Hospitality

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According to a study by Clipperton, uberization (also known as “collaborative economics”), has primarily affected the transport and hotel markets, as well as home services and freelance activities. Consumers' behavior regarding the services offered by [...]

From the customer Relationship to the customer Experience

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To improve the customer Experience, it is necessary to set up a customer Relationship strategy. But how to position the customer at the heart of the company's strategy, to focus on the key moments of [...]

How to define, implement and exploit the Net Promoter Score (NPS) ?

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Loyal or disloyal ? The NPS will tell you : The NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is an indicator that measures customer loyalty. Created in 2003 by Fred Reichheld, consultant at Bain & Company, it [...]

The CSAT : more than an indicator, a corporate strategy

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A Score for measuring customer satisfaction In the field of Customer Relationships, the CSAT is an acronym for the Customer SATisfaction score, which measures the satisfaction of a customer following an interaction with a company. [...]

Employee commitment to customer satisfaction

By | 03, 2017|Categories: Feedback Management|

Listening, understanding and interacting with the customer Difficult and demanding customers, proliferating channels and points of contact, an expanding offering, more complex purchasing paths... And yet, if the company places the customer at the heart [...]

AFRC Workshop : What KPIs drive the excellence of the customer experience ?

By | 03, 2017|Categories: Events|

Four major brands came together to give their feedback on the theme: "What KPIs to drive the excellence of the customer experience? ". Crédit Agricole Finistère, PMU, Carglass and our iDTGV client. In setting up [...]

MediaTech Solutions meets with market leaders to discuss customer experience solutions in London

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MediaTech Solutions, a global feedback management solutions provider met with market leaders in the Financial Services sector to discuss implementing its solution with companies in the sector. Gartner, in its Customer Relationship Management and Customer [...]

Customer Experience and Employer Experience : an indivisible tandem

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The culture of the "customer centric" at the origin of Workforce Management In 2010, MediaTech offered a platform only for sending messages (SMS, MMS, voice messages, emails)  to its call center clients. One client asked [...]

MediaTech Solutions aims to become the European leader in Feedback Management

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For several years, MediaTech Solutions has been growing steadily, and the 2016 vintage has confirmed this progression. Over the past five years, sales have increased by an average of + 80% each year. If one [...]

Managing customer satisfaction is the responsibility of everyone in the company !

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Decide, act : each user profile has a customized view, which offers both operational and strategic capabilities for running Customer Experience programs Driving a business means defining objectives and the means that will allow the [...]

How to increase customer engagement after first sale

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Increase customer engagement You’ve made your pitch. The customer sees the value in your product or service and makes a purchase. Congratulations are in order, revenues are trending upward…but what’s next? To [...]

MediaTech ranks 29th in Deloitte Technology Fast 50

By | 12, 2016|Categories: Press talks about MediaTech|

Technology Fast 50, is now in its 17th year, ranks the 50 fastest growing technology companies. This ranking is based on the percentage sales growth rate for the last 4 years of each participative companies. [...]

The use of Customer Feedback: The Feedback Management ROI approach

By | 11, 2016|Categories: Feedback Management|

Interview with Thierry Aubert, COO of MediaTech Solutions, Publisher of Instant eXperience, the Feedback Management solution. Capturing Customer Feedback is not sufficient to create value, your solution needs to go further in its initial approach [...]