How to increase customer engagement after first sale

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Increase customer engagement You’ve made your pitch. The customer sees the value in your product or service and makes a purchase. Congratulations are in order, revenues are trending upward…but what’s next? To nurture [...]

The use of Customer Feedback: The Feedback Management ROI approach

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Interview with Thierry Aubert, COO of MediaTech Solutions, Publisher of Instant eXperience, the Feedback Management solution. Capturing Customer Feedback is not sufficient to create value, your solution needs to go further in its initial approach [...]

KPIs & Customer Experience: killing the measure with too many indicators

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The choice of indicators has to be made in alignment with company’s objectives. Nonetheless, companies involved in Customer Experience improvement programs have to pay close attention to the indicators selection. Having said this, there are [...]

100 Customer Service statistics you need to know

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The following statistics about customer service are once again showing the importance for organizations to manage Customer Experience. Customer Feedback Management solutions such as Instant Survey powered by MediaTech Solutions allows companies to effectively manage [...]

Implementing a Voice of Customer Programme to Match Your Business Objectives

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Last week we attended the Customer Engagement Summit. At our Round Table sessions we discussed “Implementing a Voice of Customer Programme to Match Your Business Objectives”. We would like to share the main points from the [...]

Why simplicity may be the secret to brand success ?

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Talking about disruptive brands these days, no matter their function or the category they're disrupting, they possess a common characteristic: SIMPLICITY. Simplicity is precisely one of the the key characteristics of Instant Survey , MediaTech [...]

Contact centres must provide both an individual and omni-channel customer experience

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Nicholas Ashford of call telephone answering specialists MessageBase (www.messagebase.com) explains why contact centres must adopt an omni-channel approach to customer experience now to respond to shifts consumer behaviour. The game is changing, time for new [...]

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms European Summit

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MediaTech Solutions sponsoring the CEM in Telecoms-European Summit in Vienna, Autria, 22-24 September 2014. Two days conferences with Telecoms and Customer Experience Management experts. Thierry Aubert, Managing Director and Vice President Technology and Operations of MediaTech [...]