Black Friday … a black day for contact centers!

Black Friday has become a retailers goldmine, with shoppers expected to spend an average £2b in stores and online across the UK. But with this surge in traffic comes the surge in call to contact centers.

The activity of contact centers is in full swing on periodic events like this, both on incoming and outgoing calls. With calls in mass quantities, demands and various customer problems it is likely that the quality delivered to these demanding customers may decrease. Whether customers are dissatisfied, business opportunities are lost or the unfortunate negative buzz can spread very quickly!

What if you turn your Black-Friday into Bright-Friday? Monitor the Voice of the Customer in real time and ensure their experience is a memorable one.

It is therefore important, especially at such times, to be able to monitor the customer’s voice in real-time so as to be able to retain customers, take advantage of these opportunities to rebound commercially and create a positive buzz.

Leveraging your customers’ feedback is the starting point of any CX strategy.

Happy Bright-Friday;)

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