Give your teams the ability to maximize satisfaction and customer engagement, using 100% of the feedback collected

Capture, enrich and exploit in real time the Voice of the Customer

As a leader of feedback management, we identified CX program success is tied to the following key factors that makes us the preferred choice

The benefits your company will get could look like this


CSAT Increase
following 2nd survey within
3 months
International energy supplier

Win backs gain
Telecom provider

Customer Engagement achivement
following 2nd survey within
5 months
Major automotive player

Customer dissatisfaction identified and resolved
Global insurance Company

You could testify as one of those clients in the future

« We were very surprised by the rapid implementation process. Within 48 hours we had a solid command of the product. »

« Instant eXperience enables us to implement our 3 main quality priorities : CX simplification, customisation and consideration. »

« Thanks to instant eXperience, we measure our customer satisfaction in real time, and we are able to react immediately if we notice dissatisfaction. »

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exploitation as a continuous improvement lever

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